The Pakistan Code
Ministry of Law and Justice

About Us

Law and Justice Division is an advisory service organization providing services to all the Offices of Federal and Provincial Governments on legal, judicial and constitutional matters.Such as Renders advice to the Federal and Provincial Governments on legal and Constitutional questions and legislative matters; Such as

  • Deals with drafting, scrutiny and examination of Bills;
  • Adaptation of exiting laws to bring them in conformity with the Constitution;
  • Publication and translation of Federal laws;
  • Legal proceedings and litigation for and against the Federal Government;
  • Vetting of Contracts, International Agreements, Sovereign Guarantees etc.;
  • Administrative control of/linkage with the courts, tribunals, sub-ordinates offices, Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan and Federal Judicial Academy;
  • Federal Government functions with regard to the Supreme Judicial Council, Supreme Court, Federal Shariat Court and High Courts; and Matters related to Human Rights.